Active Members

2016-2017 Active Members

Courtney Barriga
Kristy Berry
Dawn Bicker
Ashley Braswell
Natalie Brownd
Kelly Cates
Jessica Clawson
Elizabeth (Liz) Davis
Lucy Duncan
Maegan Dyson
Kristie Edwards
Rebekah Fincher
Karen Fulmer
Ashley Gardner
Allison Guerin
Kelly Hartwick
Melia Hill
Nikki Holder
Tracy Lamey
Mallory Lefler
Angela Marshall
Ann Martin
Courtney Maryja
Brooke McCarthy
Marissa Nabholtz
Jennifer Overton
Kimberly Paladino
Jessica Peebles
Ashley Salter
Sarah Schrekenhofer
Rachel Shaw
Rixie Sheffield
Amie Sprague
Olivia Stone
Daspri Swymn
Elizabeth Tucker
Erin Wells
Michelle Walmsley
Rikki Wyzgoski

Getting Involved

Junior Auxiliary provides the member with the opportunity to serve and to be a vital part of the community. Chapters encourage members to render charitable services which are beneficial to the general public, but with particular emphasis on children.

Would you like to volunteer your time and energy to help our community? You can have a positive impact in our community by joining Junior Auxiliary of Conway.

Anyone can be a Benefactor!

Make a donation to Junior Auxiliary of Conway by supporting our fundraisers. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, so charitable donations are tax deductible.